About Us 

Our mission is to give you all the benefits of Massage Therapy and Reflexology such as:

    •        Improved Blood Circulation

    •        Reduced Muscular Tension

    •        Improved Immune System

    •        Enhanced Tissue Elasticity

    •        Increased Range of Motion

    •        Reduced Muscle Aches and Stiffness

    •        Improved Sleep

    •        Decreased Anxiety

    •        Enhanced Relaxation


“It’s so amazing to know Joy Massage Clinic”      …Arlene

Great, happy, definitely coming back”             …Claud, RMT

“Everybody should try for them to enjoy the greatness of hilot”    …Annie

“Hilot from Joy Massage Clinic didn’t only gave me good blood circulation but  also body restoration”    …Jun

I love the service, price affordable, I’m very satisfied. I feel  amazing after the hilot”       …Nida

“Very very happy with the service. Very professional”      ....Violet

"Hilot is the best massage I ever had"     ....Benedict

"I feel relaxed, my pain was relieved"     ....Bernadette

"Thank you for doing a great job. I'll recommend you to others"     ....Daisy

"The place is very clean and organized, the RMT was excellent. Will try hilot next time. Worth recommending to friends and family "     ....Clair

"It was great! I will definitely come back and will recommend to friends. Ambiance was great, felt like I was on a vacation"     .....Jul

"Keep up the good work, worth driving from Barrie to Toronto"     .....Joc

"Excellent job! Tanggal lahat ang sakit ng katawan ko"     .....Leny

"When I came in I was like carrying a heavy cross in my back then after the massage therapy I feel like I was floating because my body feels so good and relaxed"     .....John

"I was longing to have a baby. My friend told me about the hilot. I tried it and after several sessions, I am now 4 months pregnant"... Remy

"When I came to the clinic, I couldn't even walk because of my ankle sprain. After the hilot, I can walk straight and felt good."... Karen

"Excellent job from all the therapist's strong hands, I tried the RMT as well as other holistic practitioners and they are all very good. I should have known this place long time ago"... Fred

"I loved the facial with face massage after the body massage, it feels very relaxing. I'll do it regularly."... Sarah

"I was diagnosed by my doctor with block in my heart artery and is due for surgery. After 2 consecutive weeks of hilot, the doctor said I will no longer undergo surgery. Thanks to their healing hands."  ...Coring

"I had my first hilot and luckily I got pregnant in March, born my son in November and now my baby is now walking!!!" ...Roda